About DynaStaff - Drawing from 30 years of recruiting experience

About DynaStaff

Dynamic Staffing Inc. (DynaStaff) is a contingency and retainer recruiting firm. We specialize in full-time, permanent placement, direct-hire positions. Our focus is on supply chain and operations employment opportunities in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Recruiting is more than finding applicants with the right skills to do specific jobs. It requires matching applicants’ personalities with companies’ corporate cultures. Our success comes from decades of experience in the industry.

Jim Gilbert and George Custer founded DynaStaff in 1995 with the intent of developing a recruiting firm that respected applicants, valued clients and thoroughly trained recruiters. Their 20 years of experience prepared them to realize this business philosophy.

DynaStaff is committed to providing ethical business practices. Our open communication facilitates the trust that our clients and applicants have in us. We represent applicants that meet our high expectations and work with clients that offer challenging, stable and rewarding job opportunities.

The culture at DynaStaff includes a hard-working approach in a casual environment. Our supportive atmosphere allows us to focus on the importance of interpersonal relationships. We are team and achievement oriented. The recruiters at DynaStaff are rewarded for their accomplishments and celebrate success.

If interested in becoming a Recruiter or working at DynaStaff, please submit your resume to info@dynastaff.com.